Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last week was an eye opener for me. I happened to stumble across the blog of a special family from Greenville, NC. I had followed their blog a while ago but hadn't looked at it recently and after reading the most recent post found myself in tears. You can see that post here . There this family was clinging to the life of their precious 7 year old little girl. I was speechless and immediately thought of the 2 precious girls I had waiting for me at home. I said a quick prayer for the Byrd family, thanked god for my girls and went on with my day. 

The next morning I had to go back to see how things were and saw this . Again I was speechless. The pictures brought tears to my eyes again, especially the one with her parents caring for her and the ones with the dog. For those of you that know us our dogs are just as much our babies as our babies are so these especially hit home. In reading the words typed by her mother I at least found comfort in the fact that they knew their daughter was going to a better place and they seemed surprisingly ok with it. I again said another prayer for them and went on with my day. All day long however they kept popping into my thoughts.

Fast forward to the next day when I woke up and saw that precious Lydia made her way to heaven. You can see her mom's post about it here . I read this on my way into work......I could not get home to my girls fast enough that day. I got home gave them the biggest hugs I may have ever given them in their lives,made them what they wanted for dinner (with the exception of Reagan-formula is her only option right now!LOL) laid on the couch with both of them in my arms and let Anna-Grace watch whatever she wanted on TV. Instead of rushing around preparing things for the next day or taking time for me I sat there and watched it with her. She spilled a drink and I didn't fuss......I cleaned it up and told her it was no big deal. Why? Because it wasn't. Nothing in our lives right now seems like a big deal compared to what the Byrd family is going through. When my husband got home he hugged and kissed the girls the same as I had (he was witness to a couple of my crying sessions over the blog so he knew what was going on)  and he looked at me and said "I guess they're both sleeping with us tonight huh"? And they did!

I don't know if anyone from the Byrd family will ever read this blog, but if for some reason they happen across it I want them to know what an impact their family has had on mine. Not that I never appreciated my family and all that God has given me but like everyone else I get wrapped up in my own little world and my problems that I take for granted what I have that others don't. I have been more loving to my girls, more patient, and find myself appreciating more and more of the little things. All because of 1 little girl and her precious family. Her mother is inspiring. Her strength, her faith, and her outlook on Lydia's life is the kind I hope I would have if faced with that type of situation.

If you've read this today and you have children, go home tell them how much you love them and thank God for them. You never know how long you have!

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