Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing "Tiny"

A special visitor from The North Pole arrived at our house right before Thanksgiving. A special Elf from Santa tasked to keep a direct eye on Anna-Grace and report back to him her good and BAD behavior!

We had to give him a name and once we convinced Anna-Grace we didn't need to name him Elfy the Elf (everything like like that right now, she gets a stuffed dog and wants to name him doggy the dog...a stuffed cat....kitty the cat, we're hoping she gets a bit more creative with age)we decided on Tiny! He watches her all day then flies back to The North Pole at night to give Santa the head's up ( I think she frequently moves from the Nice to Naughty list). When he returns he is in a new place in the house. You just never know where he will land next!