Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life is good!

Well Anna-Grace is 5 days away from being 3 months old. We can hardly believe it. I must say she truly is the perfect child, she sleeps through the night (most nights) and only cries when she is gassy or hungry. I can't believe how great of a baby she is. she has recently discovered several new things, one being her feet...she will stare at them for 10 minutes like she has no clue where they came from. She has also been making all kinds of noises like she is trying to talk to you, and laughs like I have never seen before. Her daddy and I are apparently pretty funny people to her. She is starting to get somewhat interested in toys, right now she loves her giraffe that sits by her changing table and her Baby Einstein blocks. Speaking of Baby Einstein, we recently purchased her first DVD and she loves much so I ended up buying all 23 DVD's on E-Bay. Work is going good for me, I may have possibly just landed another big account. They are small right now but show MAJOR growth potential and hopefully we will be with them when they get there. Classes have also started back for me, so we will see how being a full-time student working full-time and being a mother and a wife work out for me :-) Chris's summer schedule just ended and he is excited for the kids to get back to school. Now he gets to spend more time with his little princess. As we speak he is on his way back from a weekend long golf trip to Myrtle Beach. A much needed break and time to hang out with jsut the boys!
Since Chris was gone this weekend I spent my first weekend alone with Anna-Grace and we did just fine. I was worried about not having him here but we managed. My friend Kristel and her little boy (Anna-Grace's future husband) came over and played and me and Anna-Grace went shopping and out to eat at Waffle House today.
Other than that we just spend most of our time watching our little one continue to grow, according to our home scale she has reached the 10 lb mark and she is sooo long. I think she might be tall and yes, she still looks exactly like her daddy . We are getting geared up for football season ECU plays UNC and STATE at home this year we can't wait to see Anna-Grace in her NC State cheerleader outfit!
Below are some of the latest pictures of Anna-Grace and her playdates and some from her 1st professional pictures! Enjoy!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Where does the time go?

It's hard to believe our little girl is over 2 months old now! If you have not seen her since she was born, you would hardly recognize her! Her little legs are getting chunky and her little cheeks are storing up food for the winter. She went for her 2 month check up last Thursday and weighed 9lbs and 6 oz and was 22 1/4 inches long. She got 3 shots and up until today she was doing fine, but I think she is starting to get a little bit sick, we are taking her to the doctor today. Other than that she's doing great. Her eyes are still blue and her hair gets redder everyday! She has recently discovered that she has a tongue and will stick it out at you in a heartbeat, she is moving her hands around like crazy if she could just get them to go where she wants them to go when she wants them to go there.
Mom and Dad are doing well too. Thanks to my mom we actually got to get away for a weekend and go to a wedding in Charlotte(that's where the pic is from). We had so much fun it's nice to get away, but we definitely missed our little girl! It's been tough going back to work and having to leave her every day. Even though she is just with Nana and Papa it is still tough. Someone needs to hurry up and win the lottery so I don't have to work anymore :-) Until then looks like I just have to tough it out!