Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anna-Grace Update Part2

Chris took Anna-Grace to her follow up this past Thursday we didn't learn much other than all of the reflux is on the right side of her kidneys not both. The doctor wants us to keep her on a low grade antibiotic for the next year and bring her in every 3 months to check her urine. He wants us to just keep a close eye on things and if nothing changes or gets worse he wants us to take her back to have the same tests done in 1 year (soooo not looking forward to going through that again!).

So at least no surgery for now. The doctor seems to think she may outgrow this and since there was no damage to her kidneys thinks we should try to wait it out. So looks like we have to wait and see what happens!

Introducing Jackson~

After 9 long months of waiting my Godson,  Grant Jackson Boseman Jr. finally arrived this week! He was born at 10:11pm Monday April 5th, 2010 weighing 8lbs and 13 oz! He is perfect! Anna-Grace is still a bit jealous, and HATES for me to hold him, but I think she will get used to him over time. He's perfect and Amanda is doing great already a perfect mom!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anna-Grace Update

I took Anna-Grace yesterday to have her Renal Ultrasound and VCUG Tests done to see what if anything was causing her repeat bladder infections.

Her Renal Ultrasound came back great! Her kidneys looked good and they saw no abnormalities. She did amazing, she laughed the whole time and told the ultrasonographer that she was tickling her, and kept asking her if she could see the chicken nuggets in her belly!

After we were done there we then headed to another room to have the VCUG test done. This one was a lot harder for the both of us. They made me take her clothes off and lay her on an x-ray table. They brought in a lady who was equipped with toys and games to keep Anna-Grace distracted and while she was distracting her and I was helping keep her still they cleaned her up and inserted a catheter. She cried for only 2 seconds and went right back to playing with her toys. The doctor came in a few minutes later and they began filling the catheter with the dye and started taking pictures. She did great through this process. She laid very still and when the doctor needed her to roll to either side she did just like he asked. All of the nurses and the doctor were raving about how great she was to only be 2 years old.

The next part was the hardest. After they were finished taking pictures they took the catheter out and wanted Anna-Grace to go potty so they could take more pictures as she was emptying her bladder. This is when the crying started. She kept saying "Mommy I can't pee-pee on the table I have to pee-pee in the potty"! She kept crying wanting me to pick her up, she would NOT go tot he bathroom on that table. The nurse even filled a thing up with warm water and poured it over her and she still would not go. Finally the nurse went and got a small bed pan and I told Anna-Grace it was a baby potty and that she could go in that and the second they put it under her she went to the bathroom! I was so proud of her being so brave and couldn't have asked for her to be any better than she was. Some days I think she is stronger than I am.

The doctors office was closed so I asked the Radiologist if he could share with me what if anything he found and he said that he did see where she was suffering from Stage 3 Vesicoureteral reflux. Which means that her bladder is allowing urine to flow back up into her kidneys causing bacteria to get into them, which is causing her repeat bladder infections. He said there are 3 options 1- is to closely monitor her and see if she outgrows it, 2- is to keep her on a constant round of antibiotics (though this option worries me and Chris a little bit that she might develop immunities to the antibiotics and continue to get infections that could damage her kidneys)and 3- is to refer us to a urologist and see if they want to perform a surgical procedure on her to fix the problem. From what research I have done online it seems that they only do this in Stage 4 or 5 cases so I am hoping this is not the route we have to go.

The good thing the radiologist did say yesterday is that the infections she has had so far have not done any damage to her kidneys, so it’s a good thing they went ahead and sent us for these tests before it got too bad.

Chris will be taking her to the Ped's office on Thursday to follow up with the doctor and put a plan of action in place, so I will update again when we know more. For now just make sure to say a little prayer for her!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter was a bit bittersweet for us. We were sooooo happy to be back home with our monkey after being away from her for a week, but as I was downloading her pictures realized that this time last year was some of the last healthy memories we have with Anna-Grace with my Grandmother and Chris's Grandpa. I know they were still watching over her yesterday though!

She was so excited for her Easter Basket and loved everything in it. She was even more excited when her friend Ashlyn came over to hunt Easter Eggs and eat some Easter dinner!

4th Anniversary Trip to The Bahamas

For those of you that don't already know the story....while Chris and I were on our honeymoon in Jamacia we met a couple who had also been married on April Fool's Day, Chris and Kara Morgan. We hit it off right away and ended up spending most of our days by he pool and bar hanging out with them.

We have kept in touch over these past 4 years(they did live in Indiana but have relocated to Tennessee) and even have little girls that are a little over a month apart. With our 4th anniversaries approaching we decided to get together and go on a cruise sans kids to celebrate!

We left NC a little after 9pm after Chris got off work and headed to Cape Canaveral Fl. It rained the ENTIRE time we were driving down there. We met the Morgan's early Monday morning, after 2 hours of sleep and boarded the Monarch of the Seas. Chris and I did this cruise about 6 years ago aboard the Soverign of the Seas, but everything was so similar you could hardly tell the difference. Out itenerary had us cruising all night Monday night then stopping in Coco Cay Tuesday morning, however the seas did not cooperate with us. All night long the boat rocked and swayed and since there is not an actual "dock" in Coco Cay we ended up sailing all day long and arrived in the Bahamas Tuesday around 6pm. We ate dinner and celebrated our anniversaries and headed to Senor Frogs where we quickly noticed a bunch of drunk 18-19 year olds that were going to be making a lot of bad decisions! LOL

We headed back to the ship and Kara and I danced the night away forgetting that we had to be up early for our Parasailing Adventure the next day. We did make it though and WOW was it amazing. Such beautiful sights so high up and the water was soo blue I swear we could see straight through to the bottom! We then grabbed the boys and headed to Atlantis walked around for a bit, ate some lunch at the Atlas Bar and Grill then we headed to the beach where our wonderful husbands treated us to massages on the beach!

We left the Bahamas that night and headed for a 2nd try at Coco Cay. We were more successful this time so while everyone else was waiting in long lines to get to the island we stayed on the ship where we pretty much had the whole boat to ourselves. We cruised all night long Thursday night and arrived back in Florida on Friday and said our goodbyes. We had such a blast with the Morgan's and will definetly make sure we get together more often than every 4 years! I only posted a few pictures since I took 227! LOL