Friday, April 24, 2009

OBX Weekend Away!!

A friend of Chris's got married at the Outer Banks this past weekend, and with everything that has been going on lately we really needed to get away. We had not really celebrated our anniversary or even spent much time alone, so we (along with friends Troy and Shawna) headed to the beach for a weekend getaway.

The wedding and the weather was beautiful and it was nice to get away. The hotel we stayed at was inexpensive and right on the beach and I think we will be taking many more trips there, alone and as a family!

Pirate Fest 09

Every year around the middle of Easter ECU does a spring kick-off for their upcoming football season. They have carnival rides and pig cookoffs,fireworks and even a little ECU scrimmage. We took Anna-Grace and Ashlyn last year but once again couldn't do much because they were so little (both of them had just started to crawl).

Boy was this year different. We started off on the carousel and easy pick because Anna-Grace loves the horses, however this year the girls got brave and rode 2 rides on their own. They were a little scared at first but it didn't last long. They rode the whales, the cars....TWICE, and picked ducks.

We then headed over to a grassy area to watch the fireworks which Anna-Grace did not like (they were way to loud for her)she did keep saying that she liked the pretty colors, but I think it's just because she tries to find the positive in things! We all can't wait to take them back again next year!

Easter 09

As usual I am late on posting, but better late than never.

What else can I say about Anna-Grace's Easter other than it was like Christmas! She is one spoiled little girl!

We started off the weekend at Aunt Kathy's where she hunted Easter Egg's with Kairi while Thorne watched from his wagon (he'll be ready to go next year). The girls did so good, they even ran in opposite directions for the Easter egg's so they both got an equal amount. Anna-Grace was then treated to a big Easter basket from Aunt Kathy.

We then headed home where she was visited by the Doo Doo Di (Chris's mom) Easter Bunny!

We stayed home Easter Sunday so Anna-Grace could get her Easter Basket from the "Easter Bunny" and hunt Easter Eggs. My mom and Grandma came down and we had lunch and hunted Easter Eggs! AS you can see in one of the pictures she took a bit of a tumble on the concrete while hunting for Easter Eggs, she scraped up her arm and her forhead, but cried for a second and quickly wanted her daddy to put her down so she could go get her eggs! Afterwards we headed to the hospital to see Nana and Papa where she got her 4th and Final Easter Basket (I think I forgot to mention the presents and clothes that her Grandma Debbie and Grandma Leen brought her).

She had such a good time and for the next week wanted to know if she had anymore Easter presents. Not to mention the fact that we are STILL hiding Easter eggs. I think the greatest part about her age now is doing stuff like this with her. Last year she didn't understand and just ran around and though she may still not understand the "true meaning" of Easter she looked forward to it and was excited. Watching her run around hunt Easter Egg's with "smarshmellows" and money for her college fund in them was definitely worth the wait.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a beautiful weekend

Since the weather was so nice this weekend, I had several projects/outings planned for Anna-Grace and myself. Chris is working :-( and we have been spending sooo much time at the hospital that I really wanted to do something different to get Anna-Grace out of the house (and ME!) so we could blow off some steam.

Saturday after we went to see Nana and Papa at the hospital we came home and made her 1st Bunny House....or should I say I made the bunny house and she ate the bunny house!! LOL She did however, help me clean up after. Then today we went to feed the ducks by the hospital and to the park. We stopped by the grocery store and picked up some Popsicles and came home to eat one. As you can see from the pictures she had to share with all the dogs because "they loooove Popsicles!"

I had quite a few pictures so I just put them in a slideshow! Enjoy!!