Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a sad day

To add additional bad news from our last blog, Chris's step-mom's Dad Mr. Jack Ellis passed away today. The picture above was of Anna-Grace with her Great-Grandaddy this past Christmas. I think it is a really great picture of the two of them! With Wanda being in the hospital Anna-Grace has not spent that much time with him lately but I am sure she will want to know where grandaddy is the second she walks into thier house. I hope she remembers him and I know he is watching over her now! You can never have too many guardian angels!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If our life wasn't crazy I don't know what it would be!

Man! Just when we think things are slowing down and we are getting on a schedule life comes knocking on our door reminding us nothing is ever completely under our control.

My car is still in the shop (going on almost 2 weeks now). To make things more aggrivating I am driving a rental with no power locks or windows.....and it's a 2009? I didn't even know they made cars that didn't have power locks and windows anymore!

Anyway that is the least of my worries. Chris's step mom had to have an unexpected surgery yesterday and will be having another one tomorrow. So any spare time we have we have been trying to spend at the hospital. She is doing well though and I think having Anna-Grace visit helps her feel better! For an almost 2 year old she is a great baby to take to the hospital. She plays and shows off for the nurses but hates it when they come in to work on her Nana. She says "They won't hurt my nana" and "Nana's gonna be alright"! She is too smart for her own good.

As far as Anna-Grace goes she still amazes me everyday. She listens to everything you say. She reminds me a lot of my dad, he always used to say he didn't talk much becuase you can learn more about a person by listening to what they say than you can carrying on a conversation. She's not so good at the not talking part (just the oppisite she won't be quiet!) but she does pay attention to everything you say and do, and if you are not careful she will repeat what you say and do at the least expected time. The other day I asked Chris (with Anna-Grace sitting quietly in her highchair) what he wanted to drink with his supper soda or tea. His response was "Bud Light". He really was just kidding and asked for a soda and we went about our business. About 10 minutes later I asked Anna-Grace what she wanted to drink Apple Juice or strawberry milk to which she responded (and these are her exact words) "Bud Light.....I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE Bud Light". Now anytime we ask her what she wants to drink, Bud Light is her answer. We are thinking of taping her and sending it into the Budweiser people but fear Child Protective Services would be knocking at our door withing a matter of minutes. LOL

Obviously as busy as we have been I haven't had time to take too many pictures, but I did post one recent one of Anna-Grace with pigtails! That's right I can finally put her hair into pigtails! They look more like devilhorns at the moment, but it's ok they are still cute!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a weekend!

Since Chris was working again this weekend, and it seems like with all the cold/rainy weather Anna-Grace and I have been stuck in the house FOREVER. I decided this weekend we would make a special trip to Fayetteville to go see Playhouse Disney Live. For those of you who have not yet learned....my child has a very large obsession with Mickey Mouse, and all the cartoons on Playhouse Disney. I kept asking her all week if she was ready to go meet Mickey Mouse and she would shake her head no. So I was not quite sure if this would be a fun trip or just a waste of time and money.
We headed up to Fayetteville Friday night and stayed with my Mom and Grandma, (what a coincidence my fabulous cousin from PA and her boyfriend were stopping through on their way to Spring Break in Florida!). With the show at 1:30 I tried desperately to get Anna-Grace to take her nap early, and after 30 minutes of fighting it she finally gave it, fast forward to me having to wake her up a short 45 minutes later screaming and crying. We got dressed and once she ate her lunch her mood quickly improved and we headed to the theatre.

When we walked in (late of course) the show had just started and Anna-Grace could see Mickey Mouse through the doors.....her eyes light up and she screamed "Look mama it's Mickey Mouse on TV". That was the start of one of the best 3 hours of my life. She was so excited there were several times when she pure screamed with excitement. The picture below is an example of one of those moments!

She danced the hot dog dance with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie, helped the Einsteins Blast off, Sang a son with Pooh, Tigger and Darby, and danced with Handy Manny. I think I watched her more than I watched the show, but it was well worth every penny to see her as happy as she was. I think we will be hearing about this trip for months to come :-)

So from that story you would think great day huh? And it was. My grandma ended up taking the family to dinner since Laura was in town and Anna-Grace and I left a bit later than expected. We were exactly 13 miles from home when I killed Bambi with my car! Actually I should say she committed suicide because she ran into the side of me but needless to say I wish she would have picked the next car. Anna-Grace and I are fine (she slept until the cops came). But my poor car isn't, and I was scared to death. It's the first time anything like that has happend while Anna-Grace was with me. Now one more aggravation to deal with this week!