Monday, October 22, 2007

NCSU 34 ECU 20

This weekend was another fun filled football weekend. The Pirates hosted their biggest rival NC State and as most of you know the family had to take a backseat to our Pirates and cheer on Chris's favorite the Wolfpack. Anna-Grace once again was a HUGE hit on the tailgating field and brought her daddy's team luck again! She was truly adorable and Chris and I both said we can't wait for the day that she gets excited about a tailgate weekend! A lot of people were dissapointed she was not wearing purple, but they still thought she was so cute!

We took her to the pumpkin patch the weekend before last. We went with our friends Steve and Shannon and their little girl Ashlyn, I don't know that they enjoyed it, but it was a nice family outing and we look forward to next year when they are running around and picking out their own pumpkins! We are getting all prepared for Anna-Grace's 1st Halloween, she is going to be a Dalmation and I can hardly wait.

She just got her first tooth yesterday, it's been trying to make it's way through for a couple of weeks now, but finally broke through yesterday. It is by far the cutest little tooth ever and she is really doing great with it....a far cry from all the horror stories I have heard about other kids teething.

Chris and I are doing well, I just celebrated my birthday Last Thursday the 18th Chris's mom was here watching the baby so we got to go for a nice dinner and then his dad and step mom kept her so we could go out with some friends Sat night after the game. I look back on all the changes that have taken place in just one year and it really baffles me at how different things are, but I wouldn't trade them for anythign in the world!