Thursday, December 2, 2010

Introducing Baby #2

So we had a sneak peak at our litle peanut yesterday......I don't go to my official 1st visit until next Wednesday but I had some minor bleeding the night before last, so they just wanted to check things out. The doctor said everything looked good, the heartbeat was strong and everything was A OK! Which was great news.

We have had one sick little girl on our hands this week as Anna-Grace has strep throat and a sinus infection. We were starting to wonder if she was ever going to feel better. She woke p this morning and seems a bit better so hopefully we have reached a turning point. Poor Chris had to take care of me all weekend as I was just exhausted and then he spent all 3 of his days off caring for a sick 3 year old (who can be quite bossy when she's sick)!  Poor thing I think he may have been a bit relieved to go back to work today! LOL

In other news, Tiny reappeared when we arrived home from our Thanksgiving travels! He works wonders. I am thinking about asking Santa if he can spare that little Elf all year long! He however, is the ONLY Christmas decoration we have up. I had plans to do it over the weekend but did not have the energy.....I haven't even taken down our Halloween stuff (whoops) Oh well, here's to getting it done this weekend!

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